If All Tech Plus supplied your Firestick there may well be apps on it which were originally designed for use on a touchscreen device such as a smart phone or tablet. If your Firestick has the MouseToggle app installed you can use the following instructions on how to operate it. If your Firestick does not have this or you want other Apps installing and are unable to do this yourself, raise a support ticket and we'll organise with you to bring your Firestick to us for updating (charges apply).

Using a ‘mouse’ on Firestick

Some apps on your Firestick were not designed for use with a remote control, they were designed for use on a touch screen device. In order to be able to ‘simulate’ screen presses you have to enable mouse mode.

If your Firestick was setup/supplied by ATP after June 2018 then you already have the app installed. It should run automatically when the Firestick boots. To enable mouse press the Play/Pause button twice in quick succession. You will then see a round circle, you can use up, down, left, right to move the ‘mouse’ around screen, and the centre (OK) button for clicking. To turn off just click Play/Pause again twice as before.

You may find this useful for example when attempting to use the VPN apps installed on your device.