If you either enter your password incorrectly too many times or you have changed your password but your e-mail program is still using the old one, you can end up getting locked out of e-mail from your current location. Your internet address will end up getting locked out. This requires us to raise a support ticket with our provider to get the block removed. In order to do this we need to know the IP address of the location you are having problems from. You can find this by typing into the Google search box - what is my ip address.

Once you have your IP address open a support ticket via. our website, remembering to let us know your domain name and of course that IP address.

Before requesting your unblock, please amend any passwords in any e-mail programs you may be using, since if you do not you will end up getting blocked again -If you are persistently getting locked out, and we have to get you unblocked more than once per month you will be billed for our time at our remote support rates.