Please review terms and conditions for your web site hosting plan, and if necessary review alternate plans and upgrade. If you are happy on your existing plan, then this e-mail means that you must now update the framework software which runs your website; this software is called Joomla (you have some details regarding this in your site owners guide - if you no longer have your guide please open a support ticket and we will send you a link to the last version we have).

Follow these instructions to update your site:

Updating your own site (Joomla)

Each time your site is accessed, if there is an update for the Joomla framework software you will receive an e-mail (* basic and bronze hosting only, on other hosting plans All Tech Plus take care of this for you). You should login to the back end of your site (details are in your site owners guide), you should see a message similar to the following:

Click the Update Now button – The Akeeba Backup component will automatically first of all make a backup of your site before the Joomla updates are applied (this gives us a route back if the update breaks your site until a solution can be found – reverting to a backup is only a temporary solution – the issue(s) need to be resolved either as part of your support plan or on a pay as you go basis).

You will be informed once the update is complete. Check that your website is operating normally – if not or there are issues please raise a ticket via. our website.