If you are on a basic or bronze hosting package your website will have been setup to notify you when a Joomla update is available. The update should be performed as soon as possible, not only will you stop receiving such e-mails but your site may well perform better or security loopholes may have been fixed with the updated website framework. Your guide details how to update the site yourself (or there is another article in this section of our knowledge-base).

If you prefer us to carry out this update for you (we will also update other site software at the same time if required), open a support ticket either through the portal or e-mailing or support address. We will charge at our remote support rate.

Note, as per our terms and conditions, if the update 'breaks' your site, we can roll back using the backup but this is only a temporary solution since all sites must be running the latest software. We will attempt to fix the problem but will of course charge for our time.