Symptoms: When pressing a table on the restaurant plan it does not register, sometimes I have to press more than once.

First of all make sure that you have not inadvertently pressed the edit layout button - you can tell if you have done this as all the table names will be in grey rectangles (see example below).

If your tables are showing as grey boxes, press the 'disable layout' button. 'Enable Layout' mode is to allow you to reposition table numbers should you so wish. If you do reposition a table make sure it's number is somewhere around the middle of the representation of the table.

If you have not entered layout mode by mistake and are having issues, check that:

  • You are pressing on the table name itself (the actual text) - if you press outside of the text the table will not be selected.
  • It may be that your screen touch needs recalibrating - for those with Ubuntu based systems, to recalibrate, exit Chromis (if required logout first), and find the utility on the desktop. Once the screen configuration is launched you will have a black window and will be invited to enter a password (which you have been given). The screen will go white and you will be invited to press in the center of each of three targets. Once done, relaunch Chromis.
    • To check that you are configured, tap anywhere on screen to notice if the mouse pointer arrow follows you around, you can also do this by dragging your finger across the screen.