There are a number of ways you can access your e-mails, the easiest which requires no setup is to use your web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or similar and visit the website address that was detailed in your site owners guide. To recap, if your domain name (website address) is then to access your webmail just put webmail on the front of that, so in this case - you will then need your username and password, again these are detailed in your web site user guide so you should refer to that.

Once you are logged in, you have the choice of Squirrel Mail, Horde and Roundcube - I personally prefer Roundcube.

If you wish to access your e-mail account through an e-mail program such as emClient or Microsoft Outlook, or on a mobile device you will need the details originally given either in your web site user guide which detail things like outgoing mail server, incoming mail server, which ports are used and so on OR if you login to webmail you access the settings you need as well as some automatic configuration files for various e-mail client programs. Please refer to the built in help in the application on how to add or change an account.

You can see in the screenshot above that before you select which webmail interface you want that the configuration settings and automatic configuration scripts are already shown. If you had already set a default web interface, you can access the settings from the menu as shown.

If you are unable to setup your own e-mail client you can have us setup for you under the terms of your current support plan, or if you do not have a support plan on a pay as you go basis. Visits to your home or site are subject to a one hour minimum charge. All our charges can be found on our website.