Your request can easily be facilitated using remote support and is charged half hourly. If you still prefer a site visit subject to availability at least 1 hour minimum is chargeable.

To enable All Tech Plus to support your Windows machine remotely, please download and install the free Ultraviewer application which is currently available at the link below: - click the orange button to download. When you click the button Windows may ask you where you want to save the download, select
somewhere where you can find it to install once the download has finished. If you are using Google Chrome you'll see the progress of the download in the bottom left of your
window - you can click on it there once the download has finished to begin installation.

Installation is straight forward, simply follow the prompts - in essence keep clicking next all the way through. Ultraviewer will ask you if you wish to launch the application after
installation. Or you will find a new icon on your desktop where you can launch it. Once launched you will need to send All Tech Plus your ID number. It will of course be different
to the one shown in the screenshot below (18 067 397). You will also need to send the 4 digit password (8484) which of course will be different to the one shown here.