Issue: I have a table with three occupants; Rod, Jane and Freddy. Freddy wants to leave and pay his portion of the bill. How do I do this?

Ans: Use the split option once the table has been recalled. You can then move items from the table into the right hand side and just collect payment for those. The remaining items stay on the table. If one of the others later decides to leave and do the same just repeat this procedure.

Issue: I have a table where they have had 3 pints of Carlsberg, 2 Sunday Roasts and a Shepherd Pie. Geoffrey wants to pay for 1 pint and the Shepherd Pie, leaving his 2 friends to sort the rest of the bill out. Whenever I try and split the Carlsbergs, all three are transferred, I only want one!

Ans: The key here is to use the single > symbol instead of the double >> which moves everything in the selected line.

Issue: Can I split some items from one table to another?

Ans: Sorry, the software does not support this function at present.