Symptoms: Product buttons either slow to appear, or takes a few seconds for product to be registered in sales window. 

UPDATE OCT 2019: If your system presents a window with a countdown after each sale which automatically closes you may have inefficient script installed on your system which causes this progressive slowdown. Please contact All Tech Plus to have the fix applied to your system.

All systems configured by ATP have had configurations changed to help with this, however, it may still happen from time to time and there is an easy workaround.

This will only happen it seems when a member of staff/till user is logged into the system all the time without logging out. For retail environments such as bars and restaurants it is normal that staff are automatically logged out after each transaction, and if this is the case at your installation then you should not be having this particular issue.

If your system does not automatically logout your users either after an idle delay (system can be configured to automatically logoff after inactivity) or after each transaction and you experience slow down, simply logoff and log back in again. This has been reported to solve the issue.

Alternatively, logout the current user, exit Chromis and restart the Chromis software (there should be no need to reboot the entire machine).